The Light Transistor

Basic Electricity Testing: The Light Transistor

Light, Transistor

The light transistor uses liquid crystal to change the direction of light when two beams intersect. When liquid crystal is used in electronics, the crystals change direction to show a black dispay like on a wrist watch.

This component acts like an AND gate in electronics. AND gates have two or more inputs and no output unless all the inputs are present. Although this is not the other way to control light without an electrical input, further testing and optimization may lead to a revolutionary new type of computer that processes information at the speed of light.

This component was invented in 1998 by Daniel Nase when he took apart a standard LCD screen and used two laser pointers to cause the liquid crystals to change direction.

Since then the popularity of Photonics has increased with numerous new components created by professors at the University of Washington.



IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society’s Website

OIDA (Optoelectronics Industry Development Association)  

Daniel Nase is the Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate Pros in beautiful Southern California and the former CEO and Managing Director of Infinity Group. Infinity Group consisted of Infinity Financial Services, Infinity Productions, Infinity Home Improvement, Infinity Home Mortgages, Nase Consulting, Sunrise Charity Foundation, and the Wealth Building Foundation.

Daniel has built and designed numerous companies and hired, trained and managed literally thousands of contactors and employees.

At age 15 Daniel attended Pacific Lutheran University in the Advance College Program and spent a lot of his time reading graduate papers in the university’s library.

Many of his instructors and mentors were amazed with his ability to think outside the box in business, medicine, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Daniel started working on advanced calculus, Riemann equations and theoretical physics while he was attending Washington High School. He also participated in Air Force JROTC and earned a private pilots license through Clover Park Technical College.

Daniel joined the military at age 16 with parent permission and worked as an Apache / Chinook Helicopter Mechanic for several years before being recommended for an elite officer program in the Nuclear Field.

Jet, Propulsion

For three years he was engaged in the Navy’s rigorous training program in Advanced Electronics and Nuclear Physics in Orlando Florida.

He graduated at the top of his class and spent 9 months in the Mediterranean before being honorably discharged.

Daniel was promoted faster than any other manager in history at Primerica for his strong work ethics and strategic planning ability and was regarded by his direct managers as a Senior Vice President in Training for consistently recruiting and training 300 new contractors per month.

Daniel Nase is also an expert negotiator and built multiple strategic alliances with large companies including All Fund Mortgage and USA Holdings – Fixed Division as an EVP.

Daniel designed and built the AMTECH Thermonuclear Converter at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in July of 1997. This nuclear device provides electricity to deep space satellites and was created during the Pathfinder Mission.

He also worked on X-ray tubes, electroplating, making silicon carbide crystals, electronic drafting, and generating 3D images in Silicon using two scanning lasers.

He earned this prestigious summer internship through the MSEP program with Scott Minnix at the University of Washington and Linda Rodgers at NASA.

In 1997 and 1998 Daniel helped build a mainframe computer from scratch as part of the Work Study Program. He also learned basic AutoCAD and networked all of the computers in the University’s four-story Astrophysics building.

After he built the mainframe, Daniel ran tests and recorded events in the University of Washington’s fusion reactor and also worked on the RAM Accelerator. 

Daniel took a non-executive role in Infinity Group to work as an Installation / Retrofit Engineer III for several years in the semiconductor industry.

This is were he applied his training in the military by doing work in network engineering, applications engineering, robotics, UV optics, pneumatics and advanced electronics troubleshooting for KLA-Tencor Corp.

He was responsible for installing and aligning Starlight and Lightning series reticle inspection systems throughout the world. This gave him the opportunity to improve his speaking ability in German, Japanese and French.  

Daniel is a very talented Strategic Planner and possesses a unique gift for Corporate Finance and solving complex business problems. Daniel Nase actively performed as a Business Consultant with Nase Consulting in a wide array of industries over the last five years with focuses mainly on Project Management, Human Resources and Corporate Finance.

Mainly, he assisted his mentors with PhD’s because he hadn’t earned his MBA yet. Daniel Nase was also trained as a tax planner, stock broker and financial advisor at American Express.

Global, Energy

He realized that direct sales was not his passion and decided to take a different career path as a Project Manager, HR Manager or Executive with a great company.

Recently, Daniel worked as the Managing Director in Training for K Group, he assisted the current Managing Director with overseeing global operations in the US, China, India, and Singapore.

The holdings of K Group included two universities, an enterprise software / IT company, a textbook publisher, a movie productions company and a non-profit association for international businesses.

Daniel would best be described as a very creative, visionary leader. He is loyal, organized, self-motivated and is both highly capable of leading, managing and implementing large projects as he is able to pay attention to details and develop highly effective business strategies in Marketing, Operations, Finance, and R&D.

Basic Electricity Testing: The Light Transistor hopes this article was useful.

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